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    A1 Safelist Mailer Offers Quality Credit-based Email, Banner and Text Advertising

    At A1 Safelist Mailer, giving great results for home-business owners is top priority. This is one email advertising site that's built with a dedication to go the extra mile every day to help grow your business. You can be confident that your time here will be well spent and productive.

    Your Mailing Credits are Only Used to Send Emails to Active Members

    Any email ad sent to this list only goes to members that have, clicked on credit links, mailed in the last 10 days,and logged in within the past 30 days. This also allows your banner and text ads to get more views by pausing/deleting members' ads from within the rotation.

    Free Members Can Send a Credit Mail Every 22 Hours

    Using your credits to mail the most active part of the member base every day gets better results than mailing all members every few days. This gives you the greatest return on your earned or purchased mailing credits.

    A1 Safelist Mailer has lots of advertising options

    We offer a simple and effective combination of ad choices...

    • List emails
    • Network solo ads that go out to several advertising sites
    • Full page login spotlight ads
    • Banner advertising
    • Text ads
    • Unread Emails (New Member Can Earn Instant Credits From Emails Sent Out 10 days Prior To Joining)

    Email Advertising... Safelists and Viral Mailers

    Email Advertising through safelists and viral mailers is one of the fastest ways to build an online business. A key feature of most email advertising sites is that you can start out with free memberships. You just have to spend a little time reading other member's email ads. Viewing their websites to earn mailing credits will allow you to reach hundreds to even thousands of potential buyers and business prospects.

    And, you'll be able to reach them faster than using any other free advertising source. You can always upgrade your memberships as your business grows and spend less time clicking credit links. In most cases this will also allow you to send your email ads to more people, more often.

    Free Credit-Based Safelist Mailer Email AdvertisingAs an email advertising site grows, your ads will reach more and more people. The collective effort of the site owner and members promoting it increases the traffic to the site and the reach of your email ads. As new members join and promote the site, the further out into the internet your message travels. It's a simple concept, and like most things that are kept simple, it just works.

    The free, and ever-expanding aspect of safelists and viral mailers, along with the power of safely sending your ads right to a private email inbox, can help build your business fast. Plus, by promoting email advertising sites yourself, as part of your online business plan, you'll gain some bonuses. By referring new members, you'll gain business contacts and earn commissions when your referrals buy ads and upgrades.

    A1 Safelist Mailer's quality email advertising goes above and beyond to help you build your home-based business. Sign up now to learn more inside...

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    • What a blow of fresh air in the Safelistmailers industry! It is difficult to meet someone in Business who understand that a win/win situation is best for all. Integrity and honesty is a rare trait today and that is exactly what Nick Anderson is, a person of rare integrity. So if you are looking for results in your marketing and a high click trough rate, quality instead of quantity,"a1safelistmailer" is the Mailer where to invest your energy for real results. You can fully trust this Safelist and Mailer.
      Best Regards,
      I am Celestin Kanga Ceo at: http://mlmleadsfix.com

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